Dr. Daniel Levi Ludmir

Resident of the Gaza Envelope

His wife wrote: Daniel knew all his life that he would be a doctor. From childhood he was destined for this, he was always told that he is smart and has quick thinking, and these are two important conditions needed to take care of people. He grew up for this vocation, and indeed when he finished high school, he immediately began studying medicine.
When he finished his medical studies in Peru, he flew to work for about two years in a community in northern Peru, then returned to Lima, to organize his documents to immigrate to Israel.
Daniel immigrated to Israel because Israel is the home of the Jews in the world, like any Jew who considers immigrating from his country, Israel is the first option that comes up.
It was important to Daniel to keep his Jewish roots and to guarantee himself a better future, so he decided to immigrate to the Land of Israel.
Daniel and I met on the dating app, about a year and a half after he immigrated to Israel. It was a connection from the first moment. It was very clear to both of us, from the beginning, that we were meant for each other. Indeed, the relationship progressed very quickly, and we accomplished a lot in our time together.
Daniel’s passing left a huge void in our hearts. But I promised to cherish him and his work forever. Daniel was an exceptional man in every field. Unusually smart, unusually kind, the best friend, always the first to help, even when it comes at his own expense.
Daniel was a meteor in his field. In the seven years he was in Israel, he managed to learn fluent Hebrew, work in a number of hospitals and medical institutions, serve in the army as a doctor, and even become an intern in the ENT department in Soroka. Not only that, Daniel successfully passed the midterm exam, received an outstanding intern for 2023, was chosen to The chief of the department, and was even supposed to start working in the community two days after his death.
Daniel was a man of peace, he never judged according to religion, race or gender. He respected everyone no matter who they were. Always gave space to everyone, listened and said a kind word.
The story that will sum up Daniel’s good heart is the story of “Miss Laurita”. At the Jewish school in Lima, there is an annual award called the “Miss Laurita Award”. The award is given once a year to one student from each school (ages 2 to 18) who is the “best friend”. It’s not an award for academic achievements, it’s a social award, it’s an award that encourages helping, being for others, it’s an award that encourages being a good friend.
Daniel for years and years won the Miss Laurita award. After his death, I received a message that they want to change the name of the award after him – because it has always been known to everyone in the Jewish community – Daniel is Miss Laurita.
Daniel, the love of my life, my other half, you were my best friend, an amazing partner and the best father ever. I love you and always will.
Daniel was 34 years old when he died, he was murdered while fulfilling his duties as a doctor, when he fulfilled his life’s mission – to save lives, but there was no one to save him.

Funeral Date: 12/10/2023
Shloshim Date: 10/11/2023

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