Nitzan Goldenberg


Nitzan fulfilled his dream of working at Tesla, moved close to Tesla’s Israel headquarters and main service center, went to Europe for advanced training, and returned to the Nova music festival, where he was murdered.

“On that Saturday morning, Nitzan contacted his sister, and we knew he was at a party. But only when the phones started ringing did we realize something terrible had happened,” recounts his uncle, Yoram Tishbi. “”He wasn’t answering his phone. His friend who was with him informed her family that they were stuck with the Jeep and there were gunshots, then even contact with her was lost. We were very worried, especially because we didn’t know what was happening there, and whether he was alive or dead, so we started searching for him through social networks, people, any possible way.”

“At first, we thought they were kidnapped because his name was on the list, and it hit me hard because I was very worried about his life, for a guy like him who was a fighter and would have fought to the last moment and not let himself be taken captive. We really searched for information about his condition. Sadly, a day before they informed us, I had already started preparing myself for the worst and asked that when they notify the family, they bring an ambulance and a social worker, knowing it would be a very hard situation. After a few days, they informed his father that he was murdered at the party and summoned him to identify Nitzan’s body. Nitzan was buried in the veterans’ cemetery in Netanya.”

“Half the world attended his funeral, from his guides in the scouts, friends from the army and youth, colleagues from Tesla who made tattoos in memory of Nitzan, friends from Eilat, and friends and family from Netanya. We sat shiva in the large Bnei Akiva branch, looking for a large place close to a shelter, where friends came to console us. The last days have been very hard for the family, but now we are rising from the shiva.”

Funeral Date: 10/10/2023
Shloshim Date: 08/11/2023

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