David Katzko Katzir

Resident of the Gaza Envelope

Dudu Katchko Katzir, was tragically killed in Kibbutz Kfar Azza. He was an amazing father to Anat, Ehud, Yanai, Uria, and Elia. An incredible partner and soulmate to Ayelet. A wonderful grandfather to all the grandchildren. A loving brother to Dalia and Moshe. For the kibbutz community, he was a symbol of vitality — ‘Katchko.’

His nephew eulogized: “You were the most amazing uncle in the world. You always greeted me with a huge smile that came from the heart, loved talking about your pigeons and jeep trips. I was fortunate to join you a few times in chasing after storms or watching the floods in the kibbutz area. Since my childhood, the kibbutz has been a magical place for me, a place I enjoyed visiting, a place where it was a pleasure to visit you. I remember as a child, you took me on tours of the kibbutz fields, the barn, and the dining hall which fascinated me the most. We spoke recently, and I told you I really wanted to recreate a childhood memory by dining in the kibbutz dining hall. We agreed we would set it up. We never got to do it, and I will have to settle for the memories because there’s no dining hall anymore, no kibbutz, and most importantly, no you. So everyone had their own Katchko, but everyone agrees on one thing: you were special, down-to-earth, a true kibbutznik, and most of all, a man with an indescribable huge heart. I love you, dear uncle, and miss you endlessly.”

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