Bar Yankelov


His mother eulogized: “My beautiful child Bar,
It’s been 30 days since that dark night when you were taken from me. Bar, I miss you to the point of losing the ability to function, trying every day not to lose my sanity, if not for Dad, May, Gal, and Eliya.
Each day is harder and more unbearable!
The feelings are indescribable.
The magnitude of the pain and the gaping void are impossible to explain.
The walls at home are washed with memories in every corner…
A month has passed and it still feels like it happened yesterday. I miss your voice, our daily conversations, and hearing your words of encouragement and love, even when things were tough you always said to me, ‘Mom, everything’s fine, it’s hard but fun.’
I miss your beautiful smile, how I was crazy about you, miss kissing and pampering you.
Four weeks have gone by, during which we’ve been surrounded by family, friends, and your friends who admired you so much. We discovered things we didn’t know about you, like how you were the one who lifted the morale in the unit (there are videos that prove this).
I am a proud mother, my heroic child.
There are days I’m angry, wondering why this happened to me, why you’re not with me now, maybe you could have been saved, maybe there were failures that caused this, I really don’t know…
And there are days I’m so deep in a dream that I can’t believe how I manage to eat, drink, sleep, until the moment I wake up to a horrific and unimaginable reality.
Bar, everyone tells me you give me strength.
I’m sure you’re looking down on us from above and saying, ‘Be strong, be happy, be there for each other,’ that’s probably your prophecy, and we will immortalize you so the whole world will know you.
Bar, you were my whole world; please come and visit me in my dreams from time to time.
Take care of yourself up there, my beloved child.
May your memory be blessed with us forever.
Mom loves you endlessly.”

Funeral Date: 12/10/2023
Shloshim Date: 10/11/2023

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