Amitai Ben Zvi

Resident of the Gaza Envelope

He was eulogized: “My brother, who’s been there my entire life, my older brother, is no longer with us; it’s all over. Eighty years of life have passed, and all that remains are the sorrow and memories of a long life and many deeds. When I was born, my mother hoped her three sons wouldn’t grow up to be soldiers because there would already be peace. Luckily, she’s not here to see how her eldest son was killed in the very home he built.

A person lives through five generations: grandparents are two generations before, parents one before, children and grandchildren are two generations after. Now, all that’s left are the memories, the sad stories, and the uplifting moments. But who will tell them?”

Funeral Date: 22/10/2023
Shloshim Date: 20/11/2023

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2 Responses

  1. May the Omnipresent comfort you among the rest of the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem

    Hamakom yenakhem etekhem betokh shaar avelay tziyon viyrushalayim.

    הַמָּקוֹם יְנַחֵם אֶתְכֶם בְּתוֹךְ שְׁאָר אֲבֵלֵי צִיּוֹן וִירוּשָׁלַיִם

  2. All of עם ישראל mourns with you. Wishing you all of the strength in the world. המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים.

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